2017 Pacific Northwest Optics Conference Saturday May 6, 2017 at the University of Oregon

FYI: https://blogs.uoregon.edu/osachapter/events/pnwoc/

The Pacific Northwest Optics Conference will be held on May 6, 2017 at the University of Oregon (UO), Eugene. This one day conference is hosted by the UO chapter of The Optical Society (OSA) along with the OSA Columbia Section and the Oregon State University OSA chapter. Industry and student talks will be coordinated to provide a comprehensive and well balanced program on the current optics research in the PNW. This meeting is a valuable opportunity to present research, share insights, and network with companies and graduate students. In addition, attendees have the chance to tour the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR) and research labs at the UO.

The first PNW Optics Conference was organized by the OSA Columbia Section and held at Oregon State University in May of 2016. Approximately 40 people attended the workshop that featured talks from UO and OSU graduate students, as well as industry talks from Columbia Gorge Research, LLC and Coherent Inc.

Register for PNW Optics Conference 2017
Registration is free and open to the optics community. If you have any questions please email the organizing committee at uoregon.osa@gmail.com.

You can find the full schedule here and the presentation abstracts here. Please see parking and directions below.